In completion of Tiqani project, and due to the circumstances of the outbreak of CoronaVirus – Covid 19 – and the Ministry of Education decision to suspend all schools until further notice and continue remotely through virtual schools.

Al Nahda launched its learning enabling campaign which aims to grant AlNahda beneficiaries children, male and female students,access to complete their education remotely.

The initiative was launched under the digital literacy project, one of the Capacity Development Program projects, through which we aimed to collect 400 portable computers equipped with Office programs and deliver them to beneficiary families according to the safety instructions recommended by the Ministry of Health.


Thankfully the efforts of Alnahda and the cooperation of its partners and Alnahda’s ambassadors were able to collect 328 computers and  a cash donation of 514,636 riyals, which equals the value of 225 computers.

All thanks to the campaign partners:

Tabadul – Sulaiman Al Olayan Charitable Foundation – Boeing – Nesma Holding Company – Accenture – benefactors