During the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims tend to give more and be more compassionate towards others especially the less fortunate ones. Indeed, this month brings out the best in people as they act upon their promises. This is greatly witnessed in the second edition of Alnahda’s Promise to Action Campaign that encourages people to deliver their promises to help others through fundraising for the female beneficiaries and empowering them and their families to get out of their need of Zakat.

Within the campaign, there are five sub-campaigns that have different purposes. The first one is directed to conveying the real life of beneficiary families to the donors so that they can fully measure the positive impact of their donation and know how their contribution can change many lives. Alnahda reached 1,252,555 riyals through this sub-campaign.

In cooperation with Khutwat Khair volunteer team, the second sub-campaign delivered 245 food baskets containing most of the basic supplies for the beneficiary families, and this was done through donations received to Alnahda. Also, in cooperation with Sketch & Give, the third sub-campaign aimed at distributing Eid clothing to those in need. This was done through collaborating with Saudi female designers and design students from various Saudi universities. This campaign collected 81,000 riyals in total.


With the help of Qudra volunteers, and in cooperation with different companies such as Mumzworld, the forth sub-campaign was implemented and designed towards the beneficiaries children. The online Child’s Eid campaign helps fulfilling wishes for 207 child. Due to the status of COVID-19, the fifth sub-campaign was done in collaboration with Fetrati online shop of Babiker Group, technology was used to provide and deliver Zakat al-Fitr to beneficiary families.


Due to the impact of the pandemic, and as a conclusion to the campaigns, Alnahda had its first webinar “Majlis Alnahda” with the board members. During the meeting, the member discussed the latest achievements and accomplishments of the campaigns.

It’s worth mentioning that all campaigns were carried out taking into consideration the methods and precautions recommended by the Ministry of Health. In addition, Alnahda is truly confident that with your support, the organization will be able to achieve its aspiring goals.