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We are proud that over 300 Alnahda members originate from different sectors of society; ranging from intellectuals and employees in public and private sectors, to business owners and different field experts, to even young adolescents who are still school age but believe in the mission and vision of Al Nahda.

Joining Alnahda
Alnahda seeks to attract more members with an interest in the Alnahda message and development programs. We want to exchange experiences and combine efforts to achieve our mission and advance our services, thus empowering Saudi women.
Your Role as an Alnahda Member
  • Spread Alnahda's mission and vision;
  • Attract donors and media coverage;
  • Present ideas for activities and projects that serve the mission's vision and mission.
  • Contribute to implementing the association's event and activities;
  • Give financial support to the association through membership fees.
Alnahda Member's Responsibilities
  • Review the articles of the association and the legislation under which Alnahda was founded (including all guidelines, regulations and policies);
  • Learn about the association’s projects and activities;
  • Comply with all the association’s rules and regulations;
  • Comply with The General Assembly and the Board of Directors of Alnahda;
  • Commitment to carry out the tasks entrusted to them on time.
  • Participate using experience and knowledge to achieve the Alnahda objectives;
  • Cooperate with all Alnahda employees/members;
  • Inform Al Nahda of any change in personal information.
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