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Merchants of Charity
The Concept
Alnahda launched the “Merchants of Charity” Project in line with the Vision 2030 goal of supporting and widening the role of the non-profit sector in Saudi Arabia. We developed this new project to capture the passion for social responsibility shared by the charitable and private sectors. The project centers around new partnerships with local businesses, who donate a portion of their proceeds to help us achieve our mission.
Merchants can choose to get involved with the project in 3 different ways, depending on their resources and the nature of the project. Merchants can either:
  • Directly donate a portion of their profits
  • Encourage their customers to donate
  • Create an exclusive product with us and donate its proceeds.
The partner of "Merchants of Charity", will get the opportunity to appear at Alnahda's campaigns throughout the period of his participation, and raise awareness about his support for our projects
How To Participate
Method One
Percentage of Earnings
Alnahda will agree with the merchant on a percentage or amount that suits them, to be paid over a specific period of time.
This is a simple and straightforward route for merchants to contribute to our life-changing projects.

Method Two
Customer donations
Merchants will encourage customers to donate as they are in process of paying the bill, upon checkout, or at any point as they use the merchant’s product or service.

Method Three
The Charity Product
Merchants will collaborate with us to either select a certain product to be sold to the public or co-create a new one. Any new product will be the result of a co-creation design project between the merchant and Alnahda, and may include third parties in the process.
Why join the “Merchants of Charity” Project?
Meet your Corporate Social Responsibility
Leave a positive impact on society and align your work with the goals of Vision 2030, especially those related to women’s empowerment.
Belong member of our community
Your brand will become directly associated with our mission and our organization; supporting women’s empowerment in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. You will also be invited to our exclusive events.
Have a direct impact!
All proceeds will go directly towards supporting our mission and contributing to programs that support women financially, socially and legally. You will be making a difference.
Be promoted by our ambassadors
Our influential ambassadors will promote your business, raising awareness of your brand and demonstrating your commitment to improving Saudi society.
Feature in Alnahda campaigns
Your brand will be featured on our website and in our annual reports, highlighting your commitment to social responsibility. You will also have the opportunity to be included in our regular campaigns, for example for Ramadan or International Women’s Day.
Our Partners
The “Merchants of Charity” Project has so far partnered with the following entities to support its mission.
Alnahda is proud of its partners who have contributed to supporting Alnahda projects

Let's get in touch
Do you want to cooperate with us? Would you like to join charity merchants? Please contact us by e-mail below to determine the opportunity that suits you
For inquiries, please call 920010816