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Why Volunteer?
It adds love among people
It improves personal skills
It enriches team spirit
The importance of voluntary work
Volunteerism remains a cornerstone in building society and spreading social cohesion among the members of society. It is also closely related to all good and good deeds in all human groups. We are proud to belong to a Muslim society with values and principles based on love and assistance of others.
The essence of volunteering
Volunteering is what a person does voluntarily of himself and does not need to be committed to him or a physical or social loss of the Almighty said, "Whoever volunteered good is better for him." Volunteerism is therefore dependent on religious, moral, social and human values.
Volunteerism plays a major role in eradicating and fighting the causes of corruption in societies, in order to make it possible for young people to spare time and benefit from their lost potential.
Volunteering in Alnahda
The Association works to activate the volunteer system to benefit from the abilities and skills of volunteers from women who have a sense of social responsibility with the love of God of knowledge, skill, experience and energy that can contribute to the achievement of the goals and mission of society towards society.
The areas of volunteering at the Association are different according to the different activities and programs provided by the Association according to the type of program, whether they are office or field.
The tasks and efficiency of the volunteer are determined when determining the activities of the project or program which requires the presence of volunteers to carry out specific tasks under the supervision of the project manager or program. It also welcomes the reception of volunteers wishing to participate in the work of the office, which may enrich the practical experience, where the team provides the work of the Assembly training and guidance required for the volunteer upon receipt of its functions and at the end of the volunteering period, the volunteer is given a certificate of experience for its voluntary contribution to the Assembly.